Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lance Wallnau on Occupy Wall Street

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The Occupy Movement is still active, even if mainstream media coverage has declined. Blogs such as Freak Out Nation have been keeping tabs on the movement, and Religious Right voices are still offering commentary on the Occupiers.

Lance Wallnau, a New Apostolic Reformation preacher and CEO of the Lance Learning Group, mentioned Occupy Wall Street in a recent episode of Prophetic Perspectives. Wallnau and other NAR preachers were at the center of a controversy in 2011 when they were scheduled to speak at Harvard University's Social Transformation Conference (see here and here).

During the January 4th edition of MorningStar TV's Prophetic Perspectives, "Changing Society with the Kingdom of God," Wallnau discussed Seven Mountains theology. Wallnau argued that Occupy Wall Street arose out of frustration with the economic system, which was corrupted by diabolical powers. At the 9:35 mark, he insisted that because the economic system wasn't infused with "kingdom principles regarding fiscal responsibility," the Devil sent his "kings" into the economic world.
"We have focused so exclusively on the mission of getting people saved ... what we've misunderstood is the world system has to have teaching, because the only way you're ever going to see nations made disciples is if we unpack what we've got in these systems. What are these systems? These are the systems that are in chaos right now because they haven't been taught. Right now you've got, depending on when you watch this broadcast, you've got an Occupy Wall Street movement. You know why? Because we didn't occupy Wall Street with kingdom principles regarding fiscal responsibility and discipline. Now we've got people that are frustrated, you know, like Woodstock generation type, next generation people on the streets who are upset because somebody didn't deal with economics, so if you don't deal with economics, guess what? The Devil will send kings into that area who will screw it up."
Wallnau continued, arguing that the Devil would corrupt other spheres of society if believers do not influence them. At the 10:38 mark, he had this to say.
"If you don't deal with the arts and the music and the literature and the songs and the culture that your children are being baptized into, guess what? The Devil will send the influencers into the art world and they'll pervert your kids' thinking. If you don't start to control truth in media and conscience in media, so that there's accountability ... the Devil will send kings who will dominate the information process. If you don't start to get a hold of government responsibility and laws properly framed that have a  Biblical worldview ..."
Wallnau reminded viewers that they must help solve problems instead of point fingers on policy matters. He urged believers to be tactful rather than combative when addressing public officials. "These people that are there, unfortunately they're not only under the influence of darkness, when they meet us, they don't always meet the best of us," he said

Wallnau's talk painted a familiar picture of Seven Mountains theology, one in which Christians must exert control over the spheres of society, lest diabolical powers take control of them. Still, I doubt that many Occupy Wall Street demonstrators would embrace his theory that the Devil's minions scrambled the economic system!

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  1. On one hand, I have to applaud their cause for actually taking responsibility themselves instead of waiting for God to fix it or believing that the end is near so that it is pointless to worry about. On the other hand, I'm not a big fan of NAR at all.

  2. Wise Fool -- I'm not a fan of the NAR either. Still, they're so out there and so fun to blog about!

  3. That Devil is one scary dude. But he's not nearly as frightening as Wallnau's God.

  4. Cognitive Dissenter -- I second that!

  5. No kidding, Wallnau's God has caused all kinds of problems.

  6. Donna -- Not to mention that God's fanclub.


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