Tuesday, January 31, 2012

News Tidbits

New York Times: Ruling on Contraception Draws Battle Lines at Catholic Colleges

New York Times: Lt. General William Boykin Withdraws from West Point Talk

Miami Herald: Judge denies effort to block Colorado abortion protester

Washington Post: Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims blast Rick Santorum on ‘equality’ comment

Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Foes of marriage amendment raise $1.2 million

Pink Paper: What happened when we infiltrated last week's gay conversion meeting in London

Pink News: Ex-Archbishop of Canterbury backs ‘gay cure’ therapist


  1. Cool how the Pink Paper infiltrated a gay conversion meeting. When are you going to sneak in one of those, Ahab?

  2. Donna -- If one comes to my region and it's not too expensive, I'd love to infiltrate one. People need to know about this kind of pseudotherapy.

  3. I grew up in Minnesota, and I remember it being a reasonably tolerant, live and let live sort of place. I barely even recognize it anymore.

  4. Jack -- Welcome to the blog!


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