Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Commentary Tidbits

The DV8: Ugly American Christians

SPLC Hatewatch: Anti-Gay Haters Plan Press Conference Today at SPLC

Chicago Tribune: I was (almost) a teenage Mormon

Washington Post: Climate and the culture war

The Daily Beast: Will Evangelical Christian Voters Save Rick Santorum?

Think Progress: Santorum Staffer Says Women Shouldn’t Be President Because It’s Against God’s Will

Right Wing Watch: Anti-Choice Activists use Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to Attack Abortion Rights


  1. I can't believe the content of some of the messages spewed out at Jessica Ahlquist. Some things still surprise me. She's one to watch--such a strong young lady. I wonder what she will go on to do in life.

    (Still not sure what's up with my comment issues, Ahab. Bummer!).

  2. Ha! I liked Steve Chapman's story

  3. Christians are so predictable. "We come in peace. We bring you the good news of Jesus, of his love and forgiveness."

    As soon as somebody challenges their undeserved, unearned privilege it all changes: "You stupid %$#@ ! If you don't like this CHRISTIAN nation you should LEAVE! DIE and BURN in HELL! You're a hateful, evil, intolerant piece of &%$#." And so on, and so on.

    As for Porno Pete, Bam Bam and friends visiting SPLC, I imagine it will be just another chance for SPLC to gather ammo to use against the bigots. It's not like any of them can go five minute without saying something hateful about LGBT people.

  4. Michelle -- Yeah, the response wasn't very Christlike, and that's a shame.

    Nurse Myra -- Well, at least he got exposed to another belief system.

    Buffy -- It's hard to believe that fundamentalists are about peace and love when they behave like that. As for the protest at the SPLC, good grief!


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