Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Commentary Tidbits

Freak Out Nation: Rick Santorum Claims He Would Invalidate Legally Married Same-Sex Couples

RH Reality Check: Why the Iowa Caucus Is About Abortion

Rethinking Vision Forum: The Oppression of Youth and Dominionism

MSNBC: Controversy grows over pro-spanking book after abuse deaths

Epiphenom: Evangelists love Wal-Mart - even the ones who should know better
(Hat tip to Triangulations)


  1. It disgusts me how people like Santorum prattle incessantly about the 'sanctity of marriage' while they'd turn and forcibly divorce millions of people out of sheer hatred.

    "Furthermore he claimed that “same-sex couples can contract for everything” except government benefits..."

    Not only can we not be fully protected by "contracting for" the rights provided by marriage, we shouldn't be forced to do so just because some people are bigots.

  2. Buffy -- It disgusts me too that Santorum would "invalidate" same-sex marriages, since he waxes poetic about marriage all the time. His hatred for LGBT people is alarming.


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