Monday, January 9, 2012

Commentary Tidbits

Groping the Elephant: What Keeps God Strong in America?

No Longer Quivering: Bring Me the Flaming Head of Barbie!

Life as a Reader: Religious Trauma Syndrome: Articles by Dr. Marlene Winell

NPR: Has Obama Waged A War On Religion?

RH Reality Check: Did Abstinence-Only Ideology Create a Bully Generation?

Pharyngula: Santorum Will Tell You How and When You Can Have Sex
(Hat tip to Infidel753)


  1. Regarding the NPR piece:
    This new reality troubles Mathew Staver, founder of the conservative law group, Liberty Counsel.

    "I believe the greatest threat to religious liberty is the clash between religious liberty and LGBT rights," he says.

    So religious liberty is being curtailed by what other people are permitted to do, and by permitted to do we just mean do what everyone else does? Matthew Staver is really messed up in the head.

  2. So Rick Santorum wants to ban birth control and encourage people to spawn like rabbits. Is he also going to fight for all families to have universal health care, housing, employment, a living wage, adequate nutrition, access to quality education, etc? I highly doubt it.

  3. Wise Fool -- Sadly, he's not the only right-wing voice who has incorrectly framed religious freedom and LGBT rights as incompatible. I don't understand how granting equality to LGBT citizens would impose on anyone else's rights.

    Buffy -- I doubt it too. I wish the anti-abortion folks would devote more thought to caring for people once they exit the womb.

  4. Great group of links, here, Ahab!

  5. Rick Santorum is unelectable. There is little to like about him but at least we know where he stands on so-called moral issues. Less government regulation of corporations, more government regulation of sex organs. And Republicans call that "smaller government."


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