Tuesday, January 3, 2012

News Tidbits

Washington Post: Ron Paul’s surprising appeal for religious conservatives

New York Times: Appealing to Evangelicals, Hopefuls Pack Religion Into Ads

Huffington Post: Rick Santorum: 'I Feel Sorry' For Man Who Glitter-Bombed Me

Mediaite: The Duggar Family Endorses Rick Santorum


  1. I got a giggle out of the quote about the Ron Paul supporter who, through Paul, came to realize that she shouldn't be a one-issue voter. Good for her, though! If that's the kind of thinking Paul gets people to do, maybe it would be good for the country for him to be the R candidate. For some reason, I even kind of like him, even though he is a little wacky. He's got a kind of honesty that doesn't shine through as much as with the other candidates.

    And thanks for the shout-out at the CYEC blog!

  2. Wise Fool -- You're quite welcome.

  3. I read a tweet that a Santorum-Paul ticket was considered. Was this a joke?

  4. Sabio -- :: shudders :: I hope not.

  5. All this 'Religion' makes me want to puke!


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