Thursday, January 26, 2012

Commentary Tidbits

Truth Wins Out: Newt Gingrich, Self-Victimization, and the Politics of Personal Responsibility

The Grio: Rick Santorum's controversial ally: Black preacher with history of extreme rhetoric

Your Black World: Eddie Long’s Little Boys Keep Speaking Out

Tom the Dancing Bug: Sex-Act Morality Flow Chart

Salon: The right’s latest target: Girl Scout cookies

Media Matters: Fox's Napolitano Compares Roe v. Wade To "The Philosophical Argument Underlying The Holocaust"

Jewish Press: Surviving Bullying, Silencing And Torment For Being Gay In The Frum Community

The Christian Left Blog: The Enemies Within: The 20 Most Dangerous Conservatives and Their Organizations
(Hat Tip to A Feather Afrift)


  1. Thanks for the link Ahab, but thanks more for the great link to TWO. Great one.

  2. Sherry -- I've always liked Truth Wins Out. I'm glad you enjoyed the link.

  3. Salon: The right’s latest target: Girl Scout cookies

    Next thing you know they'll be claiming that Planned Parenthood is supplying the Girl Scouts with aborted fetuses to make cookies from. Isn't it obvious that these people just have some weird psychological need to be outraged about something? If they can't find anything they'll make something up.

  4. Interesting article about the 20 most dangerous right wing conservatives, and from Christian leftists. I didn't know there were Christians on the left. Awesome!

    Also, the sex-act morality flow chart is brilliant.

  5. Infidel -- When your belief system and identity rest on opposition to a real or perceived enemy, being outraged about SOMETHING is essential.

    Now I have a mental image of "Snikerdoodle Zygote" cookies alongside the Tagalogs and Mint Thins. o_O

  6. Cognitive Dissenter -- Tom the Dancing Bug is a real gem. I like his social commentary. And I too am pleased that Christian progressives are out there striving for justice.


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