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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Commentary Tidbits

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Challenging the Transnational Ex-Gay Movement

Cosmopolitan: A Male Escort's Perspective: What It's Really Like Outside an Abortion Clinic

Unreasonable Faith: What Do You Do When the School is the Bully?

Leaving Fundamentalism: A handy guide to ‘tough love’ teen reform homes

Love, Joy, Feminism: HSLDA Opposes Measure to Reduce School Violence

Alternet: Why Are Christian Fundamentalist Parents Allowed to Deny Their Kids Basic Literacy?

Slate: Americans, Here’s How You Can Help LGBTQ Nigerians

The Guardian: Bishops must reject these wicked homophobic views

LGBTQ Nation: LGBT youth must be allowed to grow into authentic adults they’re meant to be

Friendly Atheist: This District Just Got Sued for Teaching Creationism, Offering Extra Credit for Writing Bible Verses on Tests

Naked Pastor: Where are you on this gender pyramid?

News Tidbits

Associated Baptist Press: Southern Baptist Convention's ERLC supports Hobby Lobby in Supreme Court brief

Pink News: Pastor who helped woman flee US custody battle with lesbian partner appeals sentence

Raw Story: Illinois bishop: ‘Punish’ LGBT people like children if they get married

Associated Press: Utah Bill on Liquor Rules Targets "Zion Curtain"

The Advocate: Report: Knights of Columbus Spends Millions to Fight LGBT Rights

Washington Blade: Anti-gay group joins Virginia marriage case

Columbus Dispatch: Critics: 2 Texas schools teach creationism

Gay Star News: Hong Kong Christian school threatens to fire gay and transgender staff

On Top Magazine: Nigerian Televangelist T.B. Joshua Claims to Deliver Man From Demon Which Made Him Gay