Friday, January 13, 2012

News Tidbits

El País: Abortion a bigger problem than joblessness, says archbishop

Buzzfeed: Bishop Romney Pressured Single Mother To Give Up Baby, Book Says

American Independent: Priests for Life releases ‘four-pronged attack’ on abortion rights

New York Times: Boys’ School Affiliated With Catholic Group Draws Conservatives in Washington

Sunshine State News: Coalition Demands Hillsborough Schools Cut Off 'Hamas Entity'

Chicago Tribune: Gay marriage a threat to humanity's future: Pope

The Advocate: Osteen: Being Gay’s a Sin, But We Can Go to Heaven

Christian Science Monitor: On the front lines of sexual assault in the military: Army chaplains


  1. I don't think I like the Pope very much.

  2. Donna -- I like his hat, though.

  3. ...and the funny car he rides around in.

  4. Michelle -- Gotta love the Popemobile.

  5. I think the Pope is a threat to humanity's future.

  6. Stories like these make me wish that, in the case of some people, abortion could be made retroactive.

  7. I'm giddy with anticipation for the day that Joel Osteen comes out of the closet.

  8. I do wish the pope would get stuffed...

  9. Cognitive Dissenter -- I think his backwards ideas are more dangerous than loving adults who want to get married.

    Infidel753 -- :: snickers :: Naughty Infidel! Naughty!

    Michelle -- I do wish preachers would just leave LGBT people alone.

    Knatolee -- With poutine?


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