Monday, March 28, 2011

Talk to Action's Expose on the Social Transformation Conference

Bruce Wilson at Talk to Action recently penned a hard-hitting commentary on the Social Transformation Conference scheduled for April 1-2 at Harvard University. The conference is being billed as a discussion on the role of faith communities in social change, but a quick look at the conference speakers suggests a more fundamentalist tone to the event. Several of the speakers -- including Pat Francis, Lance Wallnau, and Os Tillman -- herald from the New Apostolic Reformation movement and embrace troubling ideas about the LGBT community and non-Christian religions (namely Islam and "witchcraft").

Talk to Action recently posted a short expose on the event at YouTube, which documents some of the speakers' disconcerting statements about LGBT people, Islam, and witchcraft. (Click here if you're having trouble viewing the video.)

The video observes that Pat Francis, Lance Wallnau, and Bill Hamon are members of the Apostolic Council of the International Coalition of Apostles, a New Apostolic Reformation organization. (See www[dot]coalitionofapostles[dot]com/about-ica/). Furthermore, Pat Francis and Lance Wallnau are also faculty at the Wagner Leadership Institute, a New Apostolic Reformation ministry headed by Che Ahn, who has ties to Lou Engle and TheCall. (See www[dot]wagnerleadership[dot]org/staff.htm).

The video also gave unsettling examples of homophobia and Christian chauvinism exhibited by some of the speakers scheduled for the Social Transformation Conference. For example, at the 0:07 mark, we hear Pat Francis offer the following quote during an ecstatic prayer at a 2009 prayer gathering in Hawaii.
"In the name of Jesus, we break the power of witchcraft power, every witchcraft power! We drive you out in the name of Jesus! The Church is alive in Hawaii, the church is powerful!"
At the 0:42 mark, the video quotes Lance Wallnau offering a warning about witchcraft in the context of Seven Mountains theology. Seven Mountains theology is a belief system which beseeches Christians to exercise dominion over the seven "mountains" of culture, including religion, media, government, family, education, business, and the arts. (For more information on Seven Mountains theology, visit www[dot]reclaim7mountains[dot]com or read commentary from Futurist Guy and Talk to Action.)
"Every time the church fails to occupy a gate at the top of a cultural mountain, it creates a vacuum for witchcraft to take its place."
At the 10:28 mark, the video shows an excerpt from Lance Wallnau's October 2010 appearance on a broadcast hosted by Cindy Jacobs' Generals International ministry. During the broadcast, Wallnau makes anti-gay and anti-Islam statements within the context of Seven Mountains theology.

"You go all the way down into the family mountain, now you've got family and you've got same-sex marriage being fought. What's up with that? Well, it's another one of these hellish blocking of truth here, bringing through the gate a belief system that whatever form of sexuality you're into is legitimately, Constitutionally protected. Well, while you're doing that, you have through the religious gate here, you've got Islam invading the united states. So you've got your homosexual activity, your abortion activity here, Islam coming in, you've got a financial collapse. All of this, to those of us that are Christians, is an apocalyptic confirmation that when you remove God from public discourse, when you don't line up your thinking with kingdom principles, you inevitably hit an iceberg like the Titanic and you go down."
It troubles me that Harvard will be the site of a conference whose speakers have made anti-gay, anti-pagan, anti-Islam, and dominionist statements in the past. I suspect that the Social Transformation Conference will draw additional controversy as April approaches.

I encourage readers to check out Talk to Action's commentary and expose video for more information. For additional commentary, visit the following links.

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  1. Thank you for the information. I am so short of time lately, that I am far behind on reading and commenting. (And posting) But I appreciate knowing I can come here and find out what is going on.

  2. It sounds disturbing to say the least. Thanks as always for sharing.

  3. LeftLeaningLady -- I'm glad you enjoy the blog, and I'm always happy to see you stop by.

    Donna Banta -- Disturbing is putting it nicely!


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