Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

Dispatches from the Culture Wars: The Real Fundie Lesson of the Japanese Earthquake

Right Wing Watch: So Much for the New Scott Lively

The Faith Divide: Christian Right's Attack on Rights

Tikkun: Christian Right Calls Christian Left "A Rising Power"

George's Blog at Jamaicans: The "White Sepulchres" of the Religious Right


  1. Thanks for the link on the "religious left". I've heard the arguments before by the Right why they don't have to help 'all'the poor...only those they subjectively decide are poor for the right reasons. So shoddy.

  2. Whoa! Watch out for that Christian Left! -- I have always disliked the right wing notion about the "worthy poor" and bristled again when I read it in that article.

    Thanks as always!

  3. Donna and Sherry -- I share your feelings, and I'm pleased that you enjoyed the article.


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