Sunday, March 20, 2011

Comic Relief for the End Times

Sometimes, all the apocalyptic rhetoric coming from right-wing commentators and end times preachers gets annoying. For comic relief, here is some apocalyptic humor from Tallahassee comedian Hearty White.


  1. Whoa, tempting, but I think I'll stick with Quinn the Eskimo.

  2. "It's gonna be a bad time. There will be tribbles everywhere. There will be seven seals."

    Will they be performing seals? And it really sounded like he said tribbles. I guess the Bible is open to unlimited interpretation.

  3. Intestines falling out of the sky? Oh my!

    On another light note, Mike was reading an article this morning and quoted someone who said, "If brains were dynamite, Sarah Palin wouldn't have enough to blow her nose."

  4. Infidels753 -- If some fringe fundamentalists are free to think of the president as the Antichrist, we're free to see tribbles and performing seals in Revelations. :D

    Cognitive Dissenter -- Yuck. Better have an umbrella and a raincoat in your end times survival kit!

  5. Ahab, maybe you're too young to remember the song Quinn the Eskimo, that the fundie speaker in your video references at the beginning.

  6. Donna Banta -- Oh! Now I understand the reference he was making. Thanks.


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