Saturday, March 26, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

Christian Ethics Today: Why the Religious Right Will Dominate

People for the American Way: How Not to Respond to Political Bullies: Lessons from the Smithsonian’s Response to the Manufactured Right-Wing Controversy Over Hide/Seek 

Akimbo: Conservatives Target Women and Girls at UN’s 55th Commission on the Status of Women

Politics Plus: The Jewish Alternative to AIPAC

God Discussion: Christian Dominionists Plan to Transform the World During "4/14 Window" by Focusing Prayers on Children

Talk to Action: Japan's Disaster Is Goldmine for "Armageddon Entrepreneurs"

Talk to Action: NAR Apostles' Brand of "Transformation" to be Promoted at Conference at Harvard

RH Reality Check: What Are They Doing Out There? Misguided, Sometimes Dangerous "Prayer Warriors" Abrogate Human Rights

Religion Dispatches: Hypocritical Freakout Over Shari'ah, But Not Biblical Law

Media Matters: Beck: Islam's 12th Imam "Really Is The Biblical Antichrist"

Right Wing Watch: FRC Outraged That US Opposes The Criminalization Of Homosexuality

Feministing: Not Oprah’s Book Club: The Flipside of Feminism

Mother Jones: 9 Bills That Would Put Creationism in the Classroom

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