Tuesday, February 21, 2012

News Tidbits

Edge Boston: 'Ex-Gay’ Movement on the Rise in Latin America

Edge Boston: Activists Protest Georgia "Ex-Gay" Conference

BBC News: Christian coalition petitions to stop gay marriage law in UK

NPR: Santorum Criticizes Obama's 'World View,' Not Faith

New York Times: Religious Groups Equate Some Contraceptives With Abortion

American Independent: Catholic university sues feds over birth control mandate

Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette: Lawmaker takes jab at Girl Scouts


  1. Feminists! Lesbians! Communists! Who knew what a bacchanalia the Girl Scouts had become. Why does it seem that stories about the dumbest politicians always come from my state? :'(

    I thought it was funny when Morris said that his daughters' troop was perfectly fine...it's the REST of the country's troops that are engaging in lesbian orgies and performing random abortions on the unwilling. I see this kind of demonizing of "them" all of the time, and it doesn't matter what the topic. With the RR, there's always a "they" out "there" causing all manner of evil and pissing on the flag to boot.

  2. Michelle -- You know, with all the animosity that the Girl Scouts have endured from the Religious Right lately, I felt compelled to support them. I usually don't buy Girl Scout cookies, but I ordered some recently to offer support. If the Religious Right declares them an enemy, they must be my friend!

    You're right about the Religious Right always needing a boogeyman to demonize and oppose. If they can't find one, they'll manufacture one.


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