Thursday, February 9, 2012

News Tidbits

C-SPAN: Catholic Students Respond to HHS and Catholic Bishops on Contraception

Washington Post: White House seeks to soothe concerns over contraception rule

CNN: Santorum slams Romney on contraception mandate for rape victims

Washington Post: ‘God’ reference removed from Air Force office

Pink News: Ex-gays claim ‘illegal discrimination’ over flyers

Pink News: New York Rabbi Yehuda Levin: Cure gays with chemicals

American Independent: Bachmann backs Minnesota anti-gay marriage amendment, says same-sex marriage is like incest

Edge Boston: US Court Sides With CDC Over Fight With Counselor


  1. Santorum continues to make Romney look sane.

  2. Donna -- And THAT is no small feat.

  3. Supposedly "ex-gays" are heterosexual. Are they claiming they're being discriminated against because they're heterosexual? I find that hard to believe.

    I'll bet Obama is eventually going to "compromise" and give the religious nutbags the right to refuse any healthcare that violates their "conscience". Same BS as usual.

    "Santorum slams Romney on contraception mandate for rape victims"

    Makes sense. We shouldn't kill new "life" just because it was conceived via a rape or incest. Let's take it further. If anybody contracts an STD as a result of a rape they're not allowed to get treatment. Why should innocent viruses or bacterium die just because they were passed on by a rapist?

  4. A pleasant surprise from the Air Force. Now that "Crazy Eyes" Bachman is back in Minnesota, maybe we can start the commitment hearings.

  5. Buffy -- With fundamentalists, dogma clouds their empathy so much that they disregard victims. And real people suffer for it.

    Jono -- My heart breaks for Minnesota, now that Bachmann is back!


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