Saturday, February 4, 2012

News Tidbits

CNN: Bishop Eddie Long Crowned "King"

Washington Post: Vatican to Host Global Summit on Sexual Abuse

Christian Science Monitor: FCC: Chicago station can drop graphic anti-abortion ad during Superbowl

Edge Boston: Catholic Church Raised $750K for Minn. Marriage Amendment

The Advocate: Minister Calls Pro-Equality Starbucks “Hater of God”


  1. Think I'll go out for a Starbucks this afternoon. :)

  2. If TV stations could outright refuse the UCC "we welcome everyone" ads (claiming they were "too controversial) why did the Chicago station have to go begging to the FCC for permission to refuse the aborted fetus ads?

    "Last May, the Vatican gave all bishops conferences around the world one year to draft voluntary “guidelines”"...

    Oooh, "voluntary guidelines". Sounds like they're getting really serious about the problem.

  3. Donna -- I could go for an iced heathen latte myself.

    Buffy -- The clergy abuse scandal frustrates me to no end.


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