Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Commentary Tidbits

Cognitive Discopants: Piper: When God Goes a-Slaughterin'

Confessions of a YEC: Catholic Views on Contraception

RH Reality Check: Top Ten Catholic Teachings Santorum Rejects While Obsessing About Birth Control

Be the Change: The Great Modesty Experiment

Natalie's Narrative: Myopia now ... empty pews later

CNN: Santorum's stone-age view of women

Salon: The Right's Lost Causes

Mother Jones: The GOP Plan To Give Your Boss "Moral" Control Over Your Health Insurance


  1. "The GOP Plan to Give Your Boss "Moral" Control Over Your Health Insurance"

    So if I were an employer I could refuse to provide coverage for, say, pregnancy and childbirth based on my "moral conviction" that the world is already overpopulated? I could refuse coverage for Viagra, Cialis and other things used to allow men to get their limp noodles up? I could refuse coverage to RRRW Christians, Mormons and Muslims because I find their beliefs morally reprehensible? I could refuse coverage to anybody who eats meat because I disagree with their carnivorous lifestyle? Gee, this could get interesting...

  2. Buffy -- Something tells me their attitude would be very different if someone did all that! :)


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