Thursday, February 9, 2012

Commentary Tidbits

Whatever Works: Where Are the Women? Parts I, II, III, and IV

Raw Story: ‘Romney Condoms’ offer protection for the ‘elite penis’

Right Wing Watch: Steve King and White Nationalist CPAC Panel Warn that America's Greatest Threat is its Diversity

Constance Johnson at the Guardian: About my 'spilled semen' amendment to Oklahoma's Personhood bill

Fallen from Grace: The Catholic Church, Catholic Women, and Birth Control

Mother Jones: The Republican War on Contraception

Aljazeera: Planned Parenthood pulls a 'Buffy' on the Right

Salon: The making of gay marriage’s top foe


  1. Good news this week with CA and WA, right?

    Steve King. I've watched his insane rants since he began his national ranting. Profoundly disturbed individual, there. Buggy eyes. If he weren't nuts, he might be vaguely attractive. But, he's bug, bug, buggy nuts, so...

  2. Backwater -- Yes, the positive developments in California and Washington gladdened my heart.


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