Wednesday, February 8, 2012

News Tidbits

IOL News: Pope urges renewal at Vatican abuse summit

BBC News: US Catholics angry at contraception rule

Christian Science Monitor: Abortion, birth control becoming major campaign issues

Pink Paper: Miley Cyrus targeted by Christian bigots over same-sex marriage support

Vancouver Sun: Evangelical group targets schools

NPR: Controversial Komen Policy Official Resigns

CNN: Bishop Eddie Long apologizes to Jewish group after Torah ceremony

Ms. Magazine: South Dakota House Committee Strikes Down CPC False Advertising Bill

Behind the Mask: Uganda's "Kill the Gays" Bill Firmly Back on Parliament's Agenda

The Independent: Prominent Tory disowns 'religious right' and supports gay marriage

American Independent: Navigating anti-abortion online strategy

Politico: John Fleming links to Onion story on Facebook


  1. So Eddie apologized! Well that's nice...I guess.

    I'm thinking of things one can do in the amount of time it would take to write hate mail to Miley Cyrus. The list is long, and all of the items on it are much more fun/productive/sane...

  2. I read a piece today about the political culture wars. It talked about various surveys indicating that Catholics and lots of other religious people are not necessarily opposed to contraception, gay marriage, etc. Rather, the leaders and political pundits are. Very interesting.

    Now I can't remember where I read it, either a NYT opinion piece or perhaps even CNN.

  3. Michelle -- The public scrutiny of Long's theatrics may have played no small role.

    Cognitive Dissenter -- There's definitely a divide between the Catholic laity (many of whom are accepting of contraception) and the Catholic leadership.


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