Sunday, February 19, 2012

Commentary Tidbits

Mediaite: Glenn Beck Launches ‘We Are All Catholics Now’ Movement

The Atlantic Wire: 19 Kids and Counting Gets Stranger, Sadder

God's Own Party: Newt’s “Faith Freedom Coalition” a Gallery of Dominionist Power Brokers

Raw Story: 700 Club personality accused of stealing husband’s porn

Media Matters: Pat Buchanan: "My Days As A Political Analyst At MSNBC Have Come To An End"

Washington Post: Drumming up a phony war on religion


  1. "Glenn Beck Launches ‘We Are All Catholics Now’ Movement"

    At least until you die, at which time the Mormons dead-dunk you and convert you to Mormonism.

    "19 Kids and Counting Gets Stranger, Sadder"

    Hard to believe it could get stranger or sadder but it has. Of course when Michelle's uterus finally falls out from overuse they'll do an entire show about them mourning the fact that she can no longer be a brood sow for Jesus. Of course TLC can promote the million spawn Jinger, Jingle, Jujubee, Juicyfruit and all the rest of the girls will be having.

  2. Buffy -- I imagine there's a lot of material behind the scenes of "19 Kids and Counting" that doesn't make it on-air. That notwithstanding, it's still sad to see Michelle Duggar risk her health with constant childbearing, and to imagine that her daughters may well live similar lives.

  3. My favorite is the 700 club lady and her new boyfriend stealing her soon-to-be-ex-husbands porn. I am sure it's christian porn.

  4. Regarding the War on Religion and Nicki Minaj's role in it...

    I find it so interesting that church leaders are insulted or embarrassed by her Grammy performance depicting an exorcism. I would be more embarrassed to say, "I'm in a religion that believes in exorcism."

  5. Michelle -- Agreed! Exorcism belongs to the superstitious past.


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