Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Commentary Tidbits

A Feather Adrift: Read It and Weep, But Dammit, Read IT

Fallen from Grace: Does Evangelical Christianity Cause Emotional Damage? Parts I and II

Christian Science Monitor: Is Rick Santorum helped or hurt when he talks morality?

This Modern World: Sex Talk with Rick Santorum

Baltimore Sun: What's good for Fox News is bad for the country

Tbogg: Hairstyles Of The Defiant & The Godless

CNN: Contraceptives, religious freedom: Are we in a new culture war?

Aljazeera: Campaign against birth control is religious fanaticism

God Discussion: GOP Opposed Renewing the Violence Against Women Act, Because It Helps Too Many People

Truth Wins Out: What Really Happens in Reparative Therapy

Media Matters: Fox Hosts "Conservative Comedian" To Claim Obama Is "Faking" Being Christian"

RH Reality Check: The Dark Side of Mercy Ministries


  1. Another great round up. Thanks!

    I feel Feather Adrift hurts her point a little by referring to the book from the 1930's. The passage she quoted is based off of Freudian psychology. Other than that, it is an interesting post.

  2. Loved the Tbogg piece. Made me want to rethink my hairstyle, maybe add some purple dye.

  3. I'm still scratching my head about the fact that the question about the candidates' respective positions on women's contraception was booed during the debate last night. Romney ("Life begins at conception") and Santorum - at the least - have clearly made women's contraception an issue. Why are their supporters so opposed to them being pinned down on their positions?

  4. Wise Fool -- Glad you enjoyed it. I've been visiting A Feather Adrift for some time, and I've enjoyed Sherry's posts immensly.

    Donna -- Go for it! Some screaming green would also be a nice touch.

    COgnitive Dissenter -- It was very strange to hear the crowd boo over the contraception question. Maybe it's a touchy subject for conservatives.


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