Thursday, February 2, 2012

Commentary Tidbits

RH Reality Check: Millennials Stifled by Evangelical Doctrines

Politicus USA: Fundamentalist Kristi Watts Upset that Atheists Do Not Hate Wiccans

The Village Voice: Vi Simpson: The Woman Who Punked The Radical Republicans in the Indiana State Senate and Their Creationist Bill

AlterNet: Praying to Be Skinny and Straight: Why Evangelicals Are Concerned With Weight-loss and 'Ex-gay' Therapies

Salon: The Christian right, alive and powerful

Washington Post: A Mormon church in need of reform

Not Very Useful Truths: Besieged

New York Times: A Male-Dominated World

Media Matters: Right-Wing Media Cheer Decision That Could Hinder Access To Breast Cancer Services For Thousands Of Women

Daily Kos: Ken Ham says dinosaurs were on Noah's Ark. His KY theme park gets $43 million tax break.
(Hat tip to Groping the Elephant)


  1. I love Vi. We need more leaders like her in my state.

  2. I just got back to this post and read the piece on Ken Ham. Here, he is quoted as saying that the dinosaurs on the ark were teens. Back when I heard him speak at a megachurch (2001 or 2002) he said that Noah and company carried dino eggs onto the ark. I guess he's encountered newer, better information about this issue.

  3. Michelle -- Eh, it's all mythology to me.

  4. Oh, it is to me, too. I just think that egg-harboring makes a better beginning for a great sci-fi story. ;)


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