Saturday, October 15, 2011

News Tidbits

Los Angeles Times: Praying Perpetually to Save Society (article on International House of Prayer)

Associated Press: Evangelical pastors divided ahead of 2012 caucuses

CNN: Bachman implies Cain plan could be devil's work

BBC News: U.S. Bishop Accused of Not Reporting Child Abuse Images

MSNBC: Preacher Harold Camping still says October 21 for end of world


  1. Not shocked that evangelical preachers won't agree. Shocked that Camping hasn't given up. Has the man no pride? Shame, shame.

  2. Pastor Camping, The End Is Far! (I wouldn't mind seeing an end to his media coverage right now, though.)

  3. Lorena and Nance -- Camping needs to give up this whole prediction business. Seriously.


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