Saturday, October 1, 2011

News Tidbits

Le Monde: Church wants France to shelve "pro-gay" high school biology text

New York Times: Rights Collide as Town Clerk Sidesteps Role in Gay Marriages

First Coast News: Kimberly Daniels Made Rambling Comments on Gays, in Early Hours of Morning At Council Meeting

CNN: Why young Christians aren't waiting anymore

New York Daily News: Bible-thumping heckler identified as David Serrano calls President Obama 'the Antichrist'

NPR: 'Biblical Womanhood': A Year Of Living By The Book

Xtra: Activists respond to transphobic National Post ad

The Advocate: L.A. Gays Say "No Way" to Chick-fil-A

CBS DFW: ‘For God So Loved The World’ For A $19.99 Oil Change?

Pink Paper: Sacked Christian marriage counsellor takes case to European court

Pink Paper: Blackpool cafe owner investigated over bible extracts on homosexuality

American Independent: Catholic official says feds exhibiting ‘distorted view of sexuality,’ ‘disdain’ for religion

Texas Independent: ‘Reclusive’ evangelical organizer David Lane bemoans the rise of secular judges, media

Florida Independent: New ‘Offenses Against Unborn Children’ bill written by Florida Catholic Conference


  1. On CNN's Young Christians Aren't Waiting:

    "Scot McKnight, author of 'The Jesus Creed,' and 'One.Faith: Jesus Calls, We Follow,' acknowledges that young, single Christians face temptations that their counterparts in the biblical age didn’t face.

    He tells Relevant:

    Sociologically speaking, the one big difference – and it’s monstrous – between the biblical teaching and our culture is the arranged marriages of very young people. If you get married when you’re 13, you don’t have 15 years of temptation.

    So what should a Christian parent or youth pastor do? How do they convince more young Christians to wait until marriage, or should they stop even trying?"

    I confess that this whole article reads best as comedy/satire.

  2. So it turns out young Christians have glands just like the rest of us! (Who knew?)

    I also loved the NPR piece on Biblical womanhood. Maybe I should try that one on Mark. One week and he'd be ready to kill me.

  3. Nance -- I wonder if he was referring to underage arranged marriages as monstrous, or 15 years of mandated chastity as monstrous? I really, really hope he meant the former.

    Aye, it certainly felt like satire!

    Donna -- Despite what proponents of "Biblical womanhood" say, having a hierarchical romantic relationship is a recipe for frustration for many couples. Most well-adjusted people want an equal relationship.

    I was amazed that woman was willing to try it!

  4. The Guardian published an article about the growing secularism in the U.S.:

    The basic premise is that the reason religion (read: Religious Right) is getting more involved in politics is because religions are losing adherents, especially among the younger generation. The godless demographic is growing by leaps and bounds. Very interesting take. And a positive sign of the times if I do say so myself.

  5. Cognitive Dissenter -- Thanks for the link! I've got to check that out.


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