Monday, October 17, 2011

Even More Right-Wingers Sneer at Occupy Wall Street

On Friday, Republic of Gilead shared a few examples of right-wing figures scoffing at Occupy Wall Street. Even more right-wing voices have condemned the movement since then, and I can barely keep up!

Along with the usual accusations that the protesters are silly kids who want to take "handouts" instead of work, right-wing voices now accuse the demonstrators of anti-Semitism and submission to a hidden Democrat agenda. Once again, rather than analyze the roots of the Occupy Wall Street protests -- economic injustice -- some figures prefer to lampoon and demonize the demonstrators.

First, on the October 14th edition of The Rush Limbaugh Show, Rush Limbaugh called the protesters "spoiled rotten kids" who are allegedly being manipulated by President Obama and the Democratic party. (Hat tip to Media Matters.)
"I think these protesters do not have a point. They are demanding more government, more regulations, and higher taxes, and they wonder why they're unemployed. It's a waste of time to try to treat these demonstrations as if they're based on anything legitimate. There's not a rational, legitimate aspect of these people's agenda. This is not an intellectual movement, it's a temper tantrum by a bunch of spoiled rotten kids who don't know anything ... Their list of demands has been dictated by the Washington establishment. Every thought in these protesters' heads has been put there by the Democrat party and the news media. They're being used as campaign fodder by Obama and the Democrats. These are the genuine, real, mind-numbed robots."

In an October 14th commentary in the Washington Times, ex-rocker Ted Nugent called the protesters a barrage of nasty names, including "softheaded numbskulls," "useful idiots," "stinky hippies," and "generational slaves to Fedzilla." After a few jabs at Michael Moore, he mocked Occupy Wall Street as "anti-American socialism on parade."

During the October 17th edition of Focal Point, Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association spoke of Occupy Wall Street, President Obama, and other political figures in the same breath as Nazism. (Hat tip to Right Wing Watch.)
"Not only does Barack Obama, not only does Nancy Pelosi, not only does Debbie Wasserman Schultz all endorse the Occupy movement, it turns out that the Community Party in the United States and the Nazi parties in the United States all endorse the Occupy Wall Street movement ... The American Nazi Party now has joined Barack Obama, the American Nazi Party now has joined Nancy Pelosi, the American Nazi Party now has joined Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the head of the Democratic Party, to officially endorse the Occupy Wall Street movement, along with the Socialist Party of the USA. Here is what the Nazi party said about the Occupy Wall Street thing: "I urgently urge all of you to take part and join in when these protests hit your neck of the woods. Produce some flyers explaining the Jew-banker influence. Don’t wear anything marking you as an evil racist, and get out there and spread the word." A lot of anti-Semitism at this Occupy Wall Street movement."

The American Independent reports that former Dallas mayor Tom Leppert unveiled a petition drive called "End the Occupation." The End the Occupation website claims that the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators embrace "flawed values" and have a "false sense of entitlement" to "government handouts." The petition drive seeks signatures which will be submitted to President Obama, urging him to denounce the "angry Occupy mob." To visit the website, click here

In an October 14th post at the Heritage Foundation's Foundry blog, Lachlan Markay discussed the postponement of a clean-up of Zucotti Park in New York City. The post claimed that Occupy Wall Street has been "characterized by shows of violence, lawlessness, and occasional anti-Semitism."  

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  1. Ahab, tell me where and I'll send some extra-strength espresso to help you keep up! :)

  2. Donna -- You're a lifesaver. Keeping up with all this rhetoric means staying up late blogging! :D

  3. "The American Nazi Party now has joined Barack Obama"

    LOL! The Nazis are working under a black man! Does Fischer ever listen to what he is saying? :-)

  4. Wise Fool -- It's Bryan Fischer. He doesn't really reflect on any of the nonsense he spouts.

  5. So is he saying that The American Nazi Party has gone rogue, left the fold and is now working with the enemy? (Snark)

  6. Noodleepoodlee -- With him, you never know!

  7. What's hilarious is the right-wing pundits and zealots don't comprehend that their audience is dwindling ... They're increasingly becoming unemployed, uninsured, and disenfranchised and are, accordingly, joining OWS where they finally feel like they have a voice. They get the concept of economic disparity and unfairness because, increasingly, they are experiencing it.

    In short, they are included in the 99% -- and they're registered to vote. When they can't feed their kids or afford health insurance, they don't generally give a crap about abortion and gay marriage. The Republican agenda is so extreme and polarizing fewer people can swallow it.

    Limbaugh et al are talking to air, spitting in the wind. The 1% who agree with them won't have a significant impact during the next election.

  8. Cognitive Dissenter -- If the right keeps mocking the economically disempowered like this, they'll alienate even more supporters.

    Speaking of Limbaugh, did you hear what he said about the Lord's Resistance Army? I plan to blog about it. Stay tuned!


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