Sunday, October 23, 2011

Anarchy! Anarchy!

(10/28/11 UPDATE: Since I can no longer embed Jacob's RPN video, you can watch it in its entirety at www[dot]generals[dot]org/index.php?id=3498)

She's at it again! Cindy Jacobs, who habitually attributes supernatural causes to events, now claims that the powers of darkness are behind tensions in our country.

In an October 12th prayer alert for the Reformation Prayer Network, Jacobs acknowledged that people are struggling through tough economic times and that systemic corruption exists. However, she also warned that an evil force was trying to cultivate anarchy and unrest around the globe, a possible reference to Occupy Wall Street. At the 0:40 mark, she had this to say.

"We've been having demonstrations at Wall Street, you know, and we can say there's validity to what people are saying. People have lost their jobs, and people are hurting. But the Lord showed me that there was a clear principality, a power of darkness as it were that is coming against the nation ... And the Lord would say there's a spirit of anarchy trying to arise in the land. In fact, it's not something just happening, says the Lord, in America, but other nations as well. And it is trying to shift nations to begin to literally see powers of darkness come in that will begin to foment revolutions, begin to cause massive unrest that will spark civil unrest. And the Lord would say that it is a time to stand on the watch and pray, for surely nations are at tipping points."
Jacobs, like some right-wing commentators, cast the protests as "class warfare," At the 1:59 mark, she railed against forces that would cultivate hatred and class warfare.

"And this spirit of anarchy, says the Lord, would like to come in and tip the scale, where not only there was massive civil unrest, but in some places it could lead to actually like civil wars between peoples, between classes ... And the Lord would say there are those who would love to breed hatred in the darkness, even class warfare."
Jacobs insisted that the solution did not lie in a "counterfeit plan of wealth distribution," but in people hating poverty as well as "systemic corruption and greed." She claimed that God will use this time to expose and break apart corrupt systems, such as the banking system.

Um . . . isn't that what the Occupy movement is about? I thought.

I find it odd that Jacobs frowns upon poverty and corrupt systems, but then suggests that protests against these things are the machinations of demons.

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch. For additional commentary, visit the following link.

The New Civil Rights Movement: Occupy Wall Street is the Work of Satan, Suggests "Prophet" Cindy Jacobs


  1. People, particularly non-critical thinkers like Jacobs, keep tossing around that ugly loaded term, "class warfare."

    I don't think it means what they think it means. (Hat tip to Inigo Montoya of The Princess Bride)

    The Lord told me Jacobs is wrong.

  2. You know, everytime I come to your blog, I feel grateful that Canadians are obsessed with hockey, not religion. ;) Well, I guess hockey IS religion here! Too bad our evangelical Prime Minister wants to turn us all into God-fearing sycophants.

  3. I find it odd that Jacobs frowns upon poverty and corrupt systems, but then suggests that protests against these things are the machinations of demons.

    Good point, and her comments also seem a bit off in light of the still-recent Arab Spring.

    If I had to guess, Cindy probably has a sizable bankroll, and her paranoia fed off the right-wing propaganda regarding Occupy to the point that she is now hearing from God about it. But that's just my guess.

  4. "And the Lord would say there are those who would love to breed hatred in the darkness..."

    As opposed to those who breed it in the bright light of day, like Palin, Bachmann, Perry and a good portion of the Tea Party, I guess?

  5. Cognitive Dissenter -- "Class warfare" is a propaganda term that gets thrown around whenever the poor and middle class demand a little fairness.

    Knatolee -- If only Americans obsessed more about sports and less about religion, things would be nicer around here!

    Wise Fool -- Your theory is certainly plausible. Plus, it's awfully hasty to predict that the Arab Spring will descend into "anarchy" and "unrest." But then again, it's Jacobs.

    Noodlepoodlee -- HA! Good point!

  6. Anarchy and the powers of darkness--whatever! I turned on Huckabee for a few minutes yesterday. He had a guest on who claimed the Wall Street protesters weren't "regular Americans." What the heck does that mean?

  7. Donna -- Right-wing voice have been trying to delegitimize the Occupy movement by saying that they don't represent authentic Americans. In these troubling economic times, I'd say that they do.

  8. When all else fails, throw a little religion into the mix for the Tea Bagger sheeples and what do you get? A bunch of lunatics getting instructions from imaginary beings. Perhaps next Santa Claus will step in for 1% since we all know Jesus's birthday is big business.

  9. Mildred -- Aye! The rhetoric is getting stranger and stranger.


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