Monday, October 24, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

Are Women Human: Mark Driscoll Apologism Bingo

No Longer Quivering: Me? Obey Him?

Talking Points Memo: Twelve Pretty Racist Or Just Crazy Quotes From Pat Buchanan’s New Book

San Francisco Appeal: Board Of Supes Gives Initial Approval To Ban On False Advertising By Crisis Pregnancy Centers

In Plain Site: Lifestyles of the Tele-Evangelist

Religion Dispatches: Why Do Many Evangelicals Get Science From a Creationist?


  1. Great picks. I especially liked the Pat Buchanan and Lifestyles of Televangelists posts. It was also interesting to see that the latter was posted by a Young Earth Creationist. :-)

  2. Interesting about the crisis pregnancy centers in SF.

    The bingo game is hysterical!

  3. Donna -- Prairie Nymph recommended the Are Women Human blog to me, and I liked the bingo post so much that I included it in last night's commentary tidbits.

    Wise Fool -- The televangelist link was courtesy of Infidel753, who had it in a recent link round-up.

  4. That "Me obey him?" thing was scary. Just imagine, there are still people in 21st-century America living that way.

  5. Infidel753 -- Scary indeed! A situation like that can all too easily lead to horrific abuse.

  6. From Religion Dispatches: Wallace says, "One can’t really blame the atheists,"...but he does. While seeming not to.

    He's very right about one thing. Americans prefer simple. That seems to get worse as this information age makes our mental circuits work harder and harder.

  7. Nance -- I hadn't thought about it that way. Interesting!


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