Thursday, October 20, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

Dome: Spiritual Warfare

Think Progress: Rick Santorum Pledges To Defund Contraception: ‘It’s Not Okay, It’s A License To Do Things’

Ms. Magazine: 10 Questions for Anti-Choice Candidates

Mother Jones: Rick Perry's Other Pastor Problem

New York Times: The Evangelical Rejection of Reason

Washington Post: The gospel according to Herman Cain


  1. Rick Santorum's obsession with - and drive to control - other people's private sexual lives is dangerous and all that, but it's also downright creepy. He's just icky. The thought of him being president is frightening. It's a damn good thing he's unelectable.

    Why the constant obsessive focus on sex? I suspect he's projecting his own guilt about some hidden sexual issue in is own life. I'm certain that one of the reasons certain fundamentalists are so focused on controlling other people's sexual lives stems from the fact that they find it difficult to suppress their own sexual urges. They - and Santorum - need to get a life already and stay the hell away from everyone else's private lives.

  2. Cognitive Dissenter -- Agreed. Imagine the good he'd do if he focused on REAL problems in the world instead of other people's sexuality and reproductive choices. I agree that his fixation on sex and reproduction is ... odd.

  3. Love the Ms magazine list of questions. Will rapists have to pay child support? Indeed.

    Also I'm confused about Perry's other preacher. Exactly how did this guy determine the "life expectancy of a homosexual?"

  4. Re: Dome
    Why Ahab, I never knew that your were the demon leading the Republican party. LOL!

  5. Wise Fool -- Rats! People are on to me! I'd better let my demoness BFF Jezebel know that the jig is up.

    Donna -- The Ms. Magazine commentary was too good to pass up.


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