Thursday, October 13, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

Beeryblog: Faith in the Law

Friendly Atheist: Our Night at a Christian ‘Marriage Symposium’

Dad's Primal Scream: Cult, Shmult (10 Friendly Suggestions)

Think Progress: Ron Paul: Greater Access To Birth Control Makes A ‘Mockery’ Of Christians

Right Wing Watch: Jeffress Denounces Gays As Promiscuous, Manipulative And Abnormal


  1. Love how Ron Paul is keen on keeping the government out of people's lives, but when it comes to women's bodies, he's "all in." (As the author aptly pointed out.) I'm beginning to think Ron is one taco shy of a combination plate.

  2. Donna -- In that respect, he's not much different from many other right-wingers. They want "big government" to stop "interfering" with their lives, but interfering with women's reproductive choices is okay.


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