Thursday, October 27, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

SPLC Hatewatch: Lively’s Letter to LGBT Community: I Love You, But You Are Sinners

Salon: The Next Front in the Abortion Wars: Birth Control

Politicus USA: Evangelicals Link Teaching Evolution to School Violence

Talking Points Memo: No Apology From Rush Limbaugh For Defending ‘Christian’ Terrorists

Box Turtle Bulletin: Paul Cameron in Moldova

Media Matters: Pat Buchanan's History Of Anti-LGBT Bigotry

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force: Fix This, Not Me!


  1. Just read the SPLC piece. That "we love the sinner, hate the sin," line is so tiresome!

  2. Donna -- I never liked that line myself.

  3. Regarding Salon's article: It is weird how people, especially professional women, can develop such crazy views about "the sacredness of conception" in the face of so much science that does not support their idealized notions about life. And their inhumanity in smiling while forcing a victim of rape or incest to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term is both chilling and mind-blowing.

    Regarding Limbaugh: What a complete and obvious-to-anyone-with-a-single-braincell, jackass. I mean, really. Is there any serious dispute?

    Regarding "Fix This, Not Me!": A-Men!

  4. What? No apology from Rush? Oh. I'm shocked. (Dripping with sarcasm...)

    Evangelicals link evolution to violence... Sounds like Old Testament psychological projection to me. :-)

  5. Cognitive Dissenter -- Their lack of empathy toward women with unwanted pregnancies, including pregnancies caused by rape, IS chilling.

    Wise Fool -- It's Limbaugh, so I wasn't surprised. And I hadn't considered projection before in that case!

  6. And here in the Great White North, we have hypocrites making "It Gets Better" videos...

  7. I'm as shocked (not) as Wise Fool over Limbaugh's refusal to apologize...

  8. Scott Lively has earned his Hate Group badge.

  9. Knatolee -- Thanks! I'll include it in the next news tidbits post.

    Buffy -- Sadly, he earned it a long time ago.


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