Monday, May 25, 2015

News Tidbits

USA Today: Pence says he has regrets about religious freedom debate

Pink News: Mormon LGBT group rejected from Utah parades

Washington Blade: Jindal faces backlash over religious freedom order

New York Times: Catholic Church Ponders Future After Same-Sex Marriage Vote in Ireland

Gay Star News: Campaigners in only Irish constituency to vote against same-sex marriage blame local politicians  

Washington Post: After court-martial, this Marine cites religious freedom in her continued legal fight

The Independent: Purity balls: Girls in the US making virginity pledges as fathers vow to 'protect purity'

Time: Josh and Anna Duggar Shut Down Website Amid Molestation Reports

E! Online: Josh Duggar Cancels Appearance at Christian Home-School Convention in Sandusky, OH

Raw Story: Montel Williams blasts Josh Duggar, Tony Perkins as ‘hypocrites, charlatans’ in epic Facebook rant


  1. Jindal, Catholics, Duggars, purity balls, etc. keep the insanity moving. At least the Irish can be taken seriously.

    1. Jono -- I was so happy when I learned that Ireland voted yes. As for the rest of the articles, the insanity never ends.

  2. The excuse that the Days of 47 organizers won't accept an LGBT group because they're "advocates" is pretty lame. I've been to that parade and it's packed with advocates for the LDS Church and its mission.

    1. Donna -- The reason was homophobia, pure and simple. It's so disappointing.


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