Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bruce Gerencser on the National Day of Prayer

May 7th is the 2015 National Day of Prayer, an annual event devoted to praying for the nation. In his latest post, Bruce Gerencser makes some important observations about the Religious Right approach to the National Day of Prayer.
"As you can see, lots of generic theological words hide the real reason for this year’s National Day of Prayer.  There will be few prayers uttered about the wars in the Middle East, global climate change, immigration, starving children, or the homeless. Little will be said  about most of the perplexing problems facing 21st century humans. None of these things matter to most Evangelicals. What does matter is outlawing abortion, criminalizing homosexuality, and banning same-sex marriage. What does matter is re-instituting government sponsored prayer in public schools, posting the Ten Commandments on classroom walls, and teaching school children the earth is 6,019 years old. What matters most of all is taking back the United States from Kenyan-born, socialist negro Barack Obama and those who are Democrats, socialists, atheists, humanists, pagans, and liberal Christians. Theocracy remains the ultimate goal and they will not rest until the Christian flag is hoisted over the White House and the U.S. Supreme Court recognizes that Sharia Biblical Christian law, is the law of the Land."
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  1. Replies
    1. Donna -- I like Bruce's blog. He hits the bulls-eye every time.

  2. Thanks for publishing this very astute observation by Grerencser. The rhetoric of the Religious Right is not loving. It is militant and hateful. If Jesus was a real person, he would be appalled at the hate and oppression that is promoted in his name.

    1. Agi Tater -- Absolutely. The Religious Right is a creature of judgment and hatred, not love, and that's evident by what they pray for.


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