Monday, May 18, 2015

Commentary Tidbits

The Church of the Fridge: Because I Said So: The Dangers of Unquestioning Obedience 

Stuff Fundies Like: Empathy?

Huffington Post: "Bible Believing" Pastors and the Enabling of Domestic Violence

Danthropology: Catholics blame everyone but themselves for the recent church exodus

Just One Train Wreck After Another: Biblical Femininity Is A Lie

Political Research Associates: How the Right is Co-Opting #BlackLivesMatter to Roll Back Reproductive Rights

Christian Science Monitor: Jeb Bush at Liberty University: Why presidential hopefuls court Evangelicals

The Advocate: Could New Jersey Pay Damages for Conversion Therapy Victims?

Edge Media Network: Watch Out Obama! The Ex-Gays are Coming for You (Again)


  1. Regarding the Christian Science Monitor piece, it's not surprising that a whopping 34% of the Republican base is comprised of voters who identify as Christian and very religious. One must have a lot of faith to vote for a candidate who promises to reduce access to healthcare, make a college education less affordable, and increase income disparity.

    1. Agi Tater -- Blind faith, for sure!


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