Monday, May 18, 2015

ERLC Announces Gathering as Supreme Court Reflects on Same-Sex Marriage

As a Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage draws near, supporters of LGBTQ equality and Religious Right figures are waiting eagerly for a decision. The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention will hold an event this summer to discuss the decision. Equip Austin will take place in at the Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, Texas on July 29th.

Last year, a similar ERLC event not only delegitimized LGBTQ people, but largely left them out of the conversation on faith, gender, and sexuality. I don't expect Equip Austin to be different in that regard.

ERLC president Russell Moore described the conference in such a way as to demean same-sex unions, while recognizing that legalization of same-sex marriage was a real possibility.
"The Supreme Court will soon decide whether states can legally choose to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. It is a watershed moment in our nation’s history. But regardless of whether our land’s highest court recognizes the unchangeable or not, we will hold steadfast. Even more, regardless of the decision, the church will have to learn to engage a culture with the gospel in which we cannot assume people share our same understanding of marriage. As we seek to equip churches for this task I’m thrilled to partner with this exceptional band of leaders at this event to think through what gospel faithfulness looks like in our ever-changing culture."
The Supreme Court recognizing "the unchangeable"? Holding "steadfast" in a culture that doesn't "share our same understanding of marriage"? If Moore's words are any indication, Equip Austin will opposed full LGBTQ equality.

However, Moore seems to accept that the world is changing, realizing that mainstream society is diverging from Southern Baptist sensibilities. This tone will come to define more Religious Right figures if LGBTQ equality continues to make strides in the U.S. While the Religious Right is pernicious, powerful, and deserving of scrutiny, its followers will slowly realize that they are losing the culture wars.

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