Saturday, May 9, 2015

Commentary Tidbits

Religion News Service: The Jihad of Pamela Geller

On Freedom: Get rich quick! How to crowdfund your intolerance in 3 easy steps

New York Times: Catholicism Undervalues Women

Secular Reality: Ignorance is Strength 

RH Reality Check: Anti-Choice Groups Vow to Defy New Provisions of D.C. Law That Don’t Exist

Center for American Progress: RFRA Repercussions

Joe.My.God: Meet Ireland's Duggar/Westboro Family

Christian Science Monitor: Why evangelical voters love Mike Huckabee so much

Human Rights Campaign: The Truth about Mike Huckabee’s Anti-LGBT Agenda, In His Own Words

Media Matters: Meet The Anti-LGBT Legal Scholars Defending "Religious Freedom" Laws

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