Friday, May 22, 2015

Commentary Tidbits

Raw Story: ‘Boys are curious': Meet the Duggar defenders using religion to excuse fondling your sleeping sisters

Salon: Here are some high-profile Republicans who are buds with Josh Duggar, child molester

The Daily Beast: Can Scott Walker Convert the Christian Right?

Wall of Separation: Religious Right Calls For Revival As Number Of U.S. Christians Declines

Slate: Faith Healing Kills Children

Huffington Post: Eight 'Bible-Believing' Churches vs. One Progressive Church

Irish Times: Catholic Church teaching on marriage has changed down the centuries

News-com-au: Survivors tell their horror stories of ex-gay therapy treatments in Australia


  1. It'll be interesting to see how this Duggar thing plays out. So sad for the victims...and the way the parents 'dealt' with their son.

    1. Heather -- It's sickening and heartbreaking. I can't imagine what all of this had to be like for the victims. Jim Bob and Michelle could have handled this in a responsible way, but they didn't.


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