Monday, November 14, 2011

News Tidbits

USA Today: Bishops to address gay marriage, abortion at fall meeting

Des Moines Register: Religious leader to Train Evangelical Iowans on How to Pick a Presidential Candidate

The Daily Collegian: Westboro Baptist Church comes to protest at game

KCCI 8: Wedding Cake Battle Brews Between Couple, Baker

Florida Independent: Romney’s Christian right Florida team

American Independent: Film linking abortion and Holocaust ‘cynical’ and ‘perverse’, says ADL

American Independent: AFTAH uses Penn State rape scandal as opportunity for anti-gay speech


  1. Re: Romney and Florida
    Yuck. Glad I don't live in Florida anymore.

    Re: AFTAH
    That's just not right. Child molestation is not equivalent to homosexuality by any stretch of the imagination. Their tie in is an act of desperation.

  2. Wise Fool -- No, it isn't right. Those homophobes showed great insensitivity to the reported victims, not to mention hatred of gays. Most of the public understands that LGBT people aren't predators, so I don't understand why they keep spouting this claim.


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