Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News: Rights or righteousness? Seeking common ground on sexual-identity issues in church and society

AlterNet: At Religious Right Forum, GOP Candidates Weep and Proselytize

No Longer Quivering: How Modesty Made Me Fat

Ms. Magazine: A Message about Birth Control from the 71 Percent

The New Civil Rights Movement: DeMint To Obama: Stop Promoting Human Rights Protections For LGBT Communities Outside The United States

Think Progress: New FRC Pamphlet Obsesses Over ‘Homosexual Conduct,’ Ignores Gay People

Salon: Mitt Romney: Mormon enforcer


  1. The "Modesty Made Me Fat" link is interesting

  2. Nurse Myra -- No Longer Quivering posts some good commentary pieces. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Thank you. not that we celebrate it here in australia


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