Saturday, November 12, 2011

Commentary Tidbits: Penn State Abuse Scandal Edition

Several commentators have compared and contrasted the Penn State sex abuse scandal involving former asisstant coach Jerry Sandusky with the sex abuse scandals of the Catholic Church. For your edification, below are links to commentary on the Penn State scandal.

Washington Post: Why Penn State is (and isn’t) like the Catholic Church

CNN: Seeming parallels abound in Penn State, Catholic Church abuse scandals

USA Today: Catholic bishops' lesson for Penn State: Call the cops!

The Town Talk: Echoes of Catholic Church scandal at Penn State

Survivors Network of Those Abuse by Priests: The Penn State Scandal: Contrasting the School’s Approach With the Catholic Church’s Approach to Its Own Child Sex Abuse Scandal

Infidel753: Breathtaking Stupidity

Are Women Human: About Penn State

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