Tuesday, November 1, 2011

News Tidbits

Washington Post: Health, abortion issues split Obama administration and Catholic groups

Kentucky Post: Mormons' and Baptists' competition fuels tension

San Antonio Express: 'A Night to Honor Israel' Draws Crowd

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Shorter University requiring staffers to reject homosexuality

The Advocate: Kidnapping Charge Dropped in Lesbian Custody Case

The Press-Enterprise: California Baptist University expels transgendered student 

Brisbane Times: Inside the 'gay cure' ministries

Huffington Post: 11 Ridiculous, Strange, And Terrifying Gay Conversion Therapy Methods For 'Curing' Homosexuality

KBOI 2: Camping sorry for failed apocalypse predictions


  1. On the first link regarding the HHS grant for services to trafficking victims, I'm glad to see this courageous stand Kathleen Sibelius. When battle lines are drawn, it's important to be able to see the identity of your foe clearly.

    And, on link #2, it's just too much fun to watch the Republican candidates wrangle over whose got the real Jesus on their side. So presidential. Way to stick it to the politically correct, guys! May the best delusions win.

  2. Nance -- Very true. If these organizations will not offer comprehensive services, they must face the loss of funding.

  3. Regarding curing homosexuality: I think ministries would be better served by healing the physically sick and feeding the hungry then they would by tackling this issue. It's outrageous to think a homosexual can be "converted" to being heterosexual like one might convert a Mormon to being a Catholic. According to Christian beliefs, we were created in God's image and we are all God's children. Are Christians saying God made a mistake by creating homosexuality or is that another bad rap Satan gets blamed for? I much prefer, live and let live than to trying to govern people through hypocrisy and a bizarre morality that its own believers cannot uphold most of the time.

  4. Mildred -- I too wish these "ex-gay" ministries would devote their time to more important issues, rather than trying to demonize and "cure" gays. These toxic ministries have caused untold damage and need to be shut down.

  5. Non-believer here screaming a huge "AMEN!"

  6. Did ya hear about this one?


  7. Knatolee -- Perry needs to stop embarassing himself. Thanks for the link!


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