Saturday, November 5, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

Jews on First: Christian Zionist Leader Hagee and Rabbi Speak at Colorado Event

Telling Secrets: What it's all about

Butterflies and Wheels: The Vatican Sees Its Diplomatic Role As...

Science + Religion Today: Why Evangelicals Believe Weird Things

Huffington Post: The Men Behind The War On Women

The New Republic: Whatever Happened to the Evangelical-Environmental Alliance?

Right Wing Watch: Beisner Rejects Koch-Funded Study Confirming Climate Change Science

Talk to Action: TheCall Detroit Participants Deny That Event is About Demonization of Muslims and Others

Salon: Personhood pastor: Amendment would ban the pill

Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters: I get VERY frustrated with the gay community

SPLC Hatewatch: Pastor Apologizes For Hate-filled Halloween Hand-out


  1. Re: Jews on First
    Hagee is one of those really scary characters. We'll be in a lot of trouble if someone who adheres to his beliefs ever sits in the White House.

    Re: SPLC Hatewatch
    I was just thinking the other day, man, I wish I had saved those tracts I got when I was trick-or-treating. The ones I've seen have been so comicly written that I would read the whole thinkg just to see how stupid it was. And that was when I was a believer. :-)

    BTW, mthrghlynjyngyrblgt ;-)

  2. Wise Fool -- I'm amazed that some believers out there take the Jack Chick books seriously. They're so over-the-top that I've long wondered if they're part of a giant, decades-spanning Poe.


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