Thursday, November 10, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

Whatever Works: Those Commies Are Still Out There You Know ...

RH Reality Check: The Personhood Ballot in Mississippi: "Sluts," "Good Girls," and the Increasingly Blurry Line Dividing Them

Box Turtle Bulletin: French Protests American Ex-Gay Program in Tolouse

Mother Jones: Kansas Medical Board Investigates Dr. George Tiller's Colleague

New York Times: The Birth Control Solution


  1. Re: Kansas
    It sure sounds like Dr. Neuhaus is in a no-win situation. It may be better for her, personally, to loose her license, for her own long term health. On the other hand, it will be a devastating blow to reproductive rights if that does happen. It's a sad state for sure, in multiple senses of the words.

  2. I got a kick out of the "commies are still out there." Not too long ago I ran across a Facebook post by a woman who complained that the professors at Cal State Northridge were teaching their students Communism! -- She went on to say that these godless professors had no influence on her b/c she was an older, wiser grad student. But she worried about the indoctrination of the under-grads. Then she added, "I'm so lucky I got my bachelor's at BYU." snort.

  3. Wise Fool -- I sympathize with doctors who provide abortions, not only because they provide an important service, but because of all the persecution they endure.

    Donna -- In her context, I take it "communism" is a code words for "anything the church doesn't agree with"? Yeek.


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