Thursday, July 28, 2011

News Tidbits

Maryland Morning: Summer of Mercy 2.0

Washington Post: Nebraska doctor who performs late-in-pregnancy abortions in Maryland talks about future of clinic, security concerns

Edge Boston: Conservative Christian University: There’s Nothing ’Ex’ About ’Ex-Gays’

Christianity Today: Willow Creek Splits with Exodus International

Mother Jones: God's Own Warden

On Top Magazine: Chick-Fil-A, Anthony Munoz, Jim Breech Support Anti-Gay Group

My Fox Atlanta: Bishop Eddie Long Had Fifth Accuser in Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit

Christian Science Monitor: Norway massacre likely to ramp up monitoring of right-wing groups

Christian Science Monitor: Norway massacre: Breivik manifesto attempts to woo India's Hindu nationalists

Edge Boston: Anti-Gay Group Ready to Try for Marriage Ban Vote if Maryland Grants Equality

Texas Independent: Federal suit over The Response heats up, with request for restraining order against Perry

Minnesota Independent: In Iowa, Bachmann offers ‘testimony of faith’

Florida Independent: Florida Catholic Conference echoes U.S. Bishops’ support for ‘Respect for Rights of Conscience Act’


  1. Love the TX Independent piece. Thank heavens for FFRF. Oh, and loved Perry's statement to his fellow "Christ lovers." -- "This is a diverse group." (Yeah, right.)

  2. Keep up the great work you're doing here, Ahab!

  3. Wise Fool -- Thanks! Welcome to the blog.

  4. "The gubernatorial office, contrary to Gov. Perry’s ambitions, is not a ministerial pulpit. He was elected governor, not pastor-in-chief."

    It's not a subtle distinction. You would think even Perry could get it.

  5. Bachmann is one scary piece of work...

  6. Knatolee -- Thanks for the Guardian link!


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