Thursday, July 14, 2011

News Tidbits

Think Progress: Pawlenty Won’t Sign FAMiLY LEADER’s Pledge After Courting Group’s Endorsement

Politico: Family Leader marriage pledge falters 

New York Daily News: Mitt Romney Refuses to Sign Controversial Family Leader "Marriage Vow"

Birmingham Post: Birmingham council leader urged to stop rally by controversial US preacher John Hagee

365 Gay: Ex-gay group ‘delinquent’ with California Board of Behavioral Sciences

Pink Paper: BBC America ends connection with site that funds anti-gay faith groups 

ABC News: Bachmann Silent on Allegations Her Clinic Offers Gay Conversion Therapy

Newman Times-Herald: Tea Party told Islam not just a religion

Michigan Messenger: Glenn signs letter warning GOP on Romney

CBS News: New York town clerk quits, citing gay marriage

NewsOK: Group sues to stop Texas governor's prayer day

Ms. Magazine: Toledo Diocese Refuses to Fund Susan G. Komen Foundation

The Advocate: Catholic Charities in Court Over Illinois Adoptions

Pennlive: State denies unemployment pay to Harrisburg employee who claimed mayor created hostile environment

American Independent: NOM, FRC oppose Obama’s international efforts on LGBT issues

Texas Independent: Despite bad science and religious content, Austin LifeGuard’s sex education program remains popular in some districts

Colorado Independent: Influential Focus on the Family affiliate both a critic, former recipient of federal funding for social issues 

Florida Independent: ACLU: Legislators ‘misled’ public about repeal of Florida’s ban on ‘taxpayer-funded religion’

Iowa Independent: Gingrich participates in lecture series, but stays mum on marriage vow


  1. Interesting article about Glenn's letter re. Romney to the GOP. Glenn almost makes Romney sound like a liberal.

  2. Cognitive Dissenter -- I expect many more attacks on Romney's conservative credentials before this is over.


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