Thursday, July 28, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

Chris Hedges at Truthdig: Fundamentalism Kills

Box Turtle Bulletin: Bachmann Blacklists TV Station Over Interview About Ex-Gay Therapy

Alternet: Why the Christian Right Becomes More Extreme As America Grows More Tolerant

RH Reality Check: Surprise! Crisis Pregnancy Centers Don’t Separate Education, Religion

Ms. Magazine: This Is What the National Organization for Marriage Is Scared Of?

CNN: Why evangelicals should stop evangelizing

Joe.My.God: Christianists Turn on Rick Perry

Right Wing Watch: Religious Right Activist Finds LGBT Community "Subordinate To Satan"

Right Wing Watch: Farah: United States Should "Break Up" Over Marriage Equality


  1. Hey Ahab,

    Thought I'd pop over and see what grist might be available for my mill. Appreciate your aggregations on this topic. I sent your friend Loni a little heads up too and warned her that you were headed down the garden path of fruit porn with your tomato. Michelle Bachmann would not approve by the way. Innocent fruit corrupter.

    Read Joe.My.God: Christianists Turn on Rick Perry, which I hadn't seen, but thought was "synchronous" as I'd just put up two new posts: A Hobo Joe Special Report: Don't Mess With Texas, and its follow-up: Mitt vs Goodhair via Grizzly and The Brainstem.

    Too weird. Have you noticed that "weird" breaks the "i before e except after c rule?" I always spell it wrong at first because of that darn rule.

  2. Noodleepoodlee -- I'm glad you found my aggregations useful. Stop by anytime!

    It's true. Gardening has brough out my worst carnal impulses, including the impulse to take photos of goofy fruits and vegetables. I should be ashamed.

  3. Chris Hedges is right on the mark. :(

  4. Knatolee -- He often is, which is why his works are great reads.


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