Sunday, July 10, 2011

Commentary Tidbits: Response Rally Edition

"The Response", a prayer rally sponsored by Rick Perry scheduled for August 6th, is attracting even more attention because of the involvement of C. Peter Wagner, a controversial voice in the New Apostolic Reformation movement and a supporters of Seven Mountains theology. News and online commentary about the rally have been abundant, so much so that they deserve their own post. For your reading pleasure, I have assembled news and commentary on the rally below.

American Independent: What Perry and the nonprofit AFA can’t say at next month’s prayer event

Texas Independent: Perry’s prayer event part of a larger effort by conservative Christians to unseat Obama

Texas Independent: Brownback’s attendance at Perry/AFA event stirs protests in Kansas

USA Today: Critics Hit Texas Gov. Perry for Prayer Day Endorsers

Religion Dispatches: The Real Story Behind Rick Perry’s Secret Meetings with Pastors 

Texas Freedom Network Insider: Religious Right Closes Ranks Behind Perry

Talk to Action: From the 2009 Prayercast Against Healthcare Reform to Rick Perry's Upcoming Stadium Prayer Event

Salon: Extremist pastor signs on to Perry prayer event

Right Wing Watch: Rick Perry Partners With Radical Apostle C. Peter Wagner For The Response Prayer Rally

Right Wing Watch: Do Response Prayer Rally Participants Understand The Views Of The AFA?

Right Wing Watch: Rick Perry Partners With Pastor Who Thinks Oprah Is The Precursor To The Antichrist


  1. Hey there. Working on a post about Perry that seques into Michele Bachmann and ends up at Molly Ivins and I needed a link for "The Response." This is perfect. Thanks as always!

  2. Noodleepoodlee -- Glad to be of service.


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