Monday, November 17, 2014

The World According to Homophobes

The film clip above contains graphic language. NSFW!

Filmmaker Emmanuelle Schick Garcia is exploring the roots of global homophobia in a new documentary, The World According to Homophobes. The film provides a disturbing look into homophobes' fixation on same-sex acts, gender roles, and sexual shame, drawing from footage filmed in four countries. "Why are homophobes equally fascinated and repulsed by homosexual sex acts?", Schick Garcia asks at her Indiegogo page.
"As the clip above shows, homophobes have a some "interesting" views on homosexual sex. In fact, for homophobes, the issue of homosexuality seems to trigger discussion of genitals, sex (especially anal sex) and indignation that homosexuals are not ashamed of their sexuality.

Even people that could be deemed intelligent, seem to be very immature and uncomfortable when discussing sex, sexuality and the body ...

After observing the marriage equality debates in France I was struck by one important difference between the opposing sides. While homosexuals were talking about love and equal rights for their unions and families, homophobes ranted about bestiality, pedophilia, polygamy and sex. Homosexuals were characterised as immature, suffering from narcissism (because they fell in love with their own sex) and being too sex crazy to ever be a responsible spouse or parent. This made me wonder, in the eyes of homophobes, did homosexuals represent sexual liberation and freedom? Were homophobes envious of the perceived sexual freedoms of homosexuals?

With this film, we hope to spark an intelligent debate about the origins of homophobic cultures and shame, in the hopes that homophobes will turn their judgements inward, finally seeing their homophobia as something that has less to do with homosexuals and more to do with their own relationship to sex and the body."
To learn more about The World According to Homophobes, visit the film's Facebook page. (Hat tip to Huffington Post.)


  1. It's difficult to believe that these people are "fascinated with homosexual sex acts" when they are so hopelessly wrong about what those sex acts consist of. It seems more that they are using gays as a blank slate to project their own bizarre horror fantasies onto.

    In a way it's encouraging that there's so much ignorance among the prejudiced. It suggests that a little education and accurate information could go a long way.

    Since the Indiegogo page says that the film will deal with the role of religion in promoting homophobia, I wonder if any of the four countries they visited was Muslim. This is the "elephant in the room" on this subject. There are seven countries where homosexuality is actually subject to the death penalty, and six of them are Muslim (the other one is Nigeria, which is about half Muslim). The role of religion is all the more obvious since the traditional culture in a lot of the Middle East (unlike in, say, Sub-Saharan Africa) was much more accepting of homosexuality before the Islamic conquests.

    Still, it's valuable to expose these people not only for their hatefulness (which most normal people are aware of) but also for their incredible ignorance. Just let them talk and they discredit themselves.

    1. Infidel -- I recognized Martin Ssempa of Uganda in the clip, but Uganda is a majority-Christian country. I don't know if footage from any Muslim countries was included, but it would enrich the conversation if they were.

      You're definitely right about homophobes using gays as blank slates for their fever dreams. The comments in the video say more about the twisted worldview of the speakers than about real LGBTQ people.


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