Monday, November 17, 2014

News Tidbits

Washington Post: Vatican rep: 2015 ‘ideal time’ for pope New York visit 

Al Jazeera America: US bishops may tighten restrictions on Catholic hospital mergers

The Advocate: Mississippi 'All God's Children' Pro-Equality Campaign Draws Ire of Baptist Leaders

Christianity Today: Jerry B. Jenkins Suddenly Shuts Down Christian Writers Guild

Lancaster Online: Warwick cancels school-day abstinence presentations

Religion News Service: Kenya’s Catholic bishops: Tetanus vaccine is birth control in disguise

San Diego Gay & Lesbian News: U.N. panel raises concern about "ex-gay" therapy in U.S.

Huffington Post: BET Editor Clay Cane Slams Black Church For Conversion Therapy: ‘Being Gay Is Not A Sin'

New York Times: Latin America Is Losing Its Catholic Identity

New York Times: The Duck Dynasty Family Plans a Musical in Las Vegas

Huffington Post: The Duggars Allegedly Remove Photos Of Same-Sex Couples Kissing From Their Facebook


  1. Oh my. And now we must fear the tetanus vaccine.

    I also enjoyed the bit in the NYT about the DD musical. Funny how the musical faces a challenge because many regular theater goers are gay or gay-friendly liberals and many DD fans are to prudish to attend a show in Vegas.

    1. Donna -- That article angered me. By spreading lies and paranoia, those religious leaders are preventing people from getting important vaccines that could protect them from disease.

      As for the Duck Dynasty musical, maybe they should think this one through.


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