Saturday, November 22, 2014

News Tidbits

Religion News Service: Evangelicals Split Over Obama's Immigration Action

Washington Post: Faith groups divided over God’s role in climate change, natural disasters

Christian Post: Christian University Stands by Decision to Keep Bill Cosby as Speaker at Benefit Dinner

The Advocate: 90,000-Plus and Counting: Petition to Cancel Duggars' Show Gains Momentum

Raw Story: Kirk Cameron is begging fans to help boost his movie’s putrid rating on Rotten Tomatoes

Edge Media Network: Ex-Gay Calls on HRC to Pay for Co-Founder's Conversion Therapy

Arkansas Online: Gay-marriage opponents rally at Capitol, pray at state's high court

Detroit Free Press: Archdiocese bans gay rights speaker from Detroit parish

Korea Times: Gay rights opponents block hearing in Seoul, South Korea


  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date! Interesting about the split among evangelicals over immigration. The Mormon Church is praising Obama's action as well.

    1. Donna -- It's been a point of disagreement for evangelicals, even conservative ones, for some time. It reminds me that evangelicals have diverse opinions on some issues.


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