Monday, October 13, 2014

News Tidbits

CBS 6: Video captures Christian boarding school life coaches, program director assaulting boy 

Reuters: Scholars Concerned Hobby Lobby Executive's Bible Museum Will Feature Only Protestant Interpretations

Reuters: Leading Vatican cardinal says Catholic Church will never bless gay marriage 

Huffington Post: Cardinal Raymond Burke Takes Break From Vatican Synod To Say Ugly Things About Gay Relationships

NBC News: Evangelicals Warn 2016 Candidates: Don't Support Gay Marriage

The Advocate: NOM Praises Huckabee for Threat to Leave GOP Over Marriage Equality

Al Arabiya News: Witchcraft-related child abuse on the rise in Britain, police say

AsiaOne: Author cited in Focus on the Family Singapore pamphlet responds to controversy 

The Guardian: Children abused amid climate of fear at Australian pentecostal school, commission hears

The Star Press: Fields of Faith draws thousands to Fieldhouse   (Hat tip to Lady Atheist)


  1. I wonder if Huckabee will leave the GOP. This recent shift in the Republican party is interesting.

    1. Donna -- I wonder too. I'm pleased that at least some Republicans are open-minded about LGBTQ rights.

  2. nothing would make us happier than if he stays or goes...its all the same either way...continuing to fight this battle will bury them..

    1. Sherry -- It's fun watching them spin their wheels as society moves forward.


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